Membership Information

Here you will find membership information, Bridge policies, and registration forms.

Effective August 1, 2018 the Bridge will begin charging membership fees - click HERE for more information.

  1. Bridge access is open to the community.
  2. You must complete a visitor waiver or member registration and provide us with some basic information.
  3. Be sure to bring a photo ID with you.
  4. We ask that you agree to adhere to our participant guidelines (see below).
  5. An ID or Bridge membership card is required to check-in for all patrons.
  6. Participants under the age of 18:
    1. must have a digital Liability Release & Permission Agreement (Waiver) on file electronically signed by their parent/guardian or
    2. bring in a Visitor Waiver signed by their parent/guardian

Member Registration

  1. Create your self-service account and enter basic information to begin the membership process at
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Electronically sign the Liability Release & Permission Agreement (Waiver)
  4. Once your documentation has been received your membership will be created and you will recieve your Bridge membership number

Printable Forms and Information

MemberMe+ App

You can download our App and generate a digital card that you can use for check-in. Install the app by searching for "MemberMe+" in the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.

Or, scan the QR Code for your device below: