Facility Usage Agreement

The Bridge Community Center 

Whereas, The Bridge Community Center (BCC), operating as a ministry of First Baptist Church of Peachtree City has designated certain areas of property to offer leisure, educational and recreational opportunity for the public, the church desires to maintain this understanding.  The church provides personnel, budget, and resources to maintain the facilities during regular hours.  BCC maintains a certain responsibility to provide wholesome activities and programs for all people regardless of age, race or gender and reserves the right to approve or disapprove any request at BCC discretion.  User Groups must be prepared to function in a like manner.  There may be times when BCC is asked to become involved in issues related to User Group operations.  In these instances, the User Groups must be prepared to cooperate with BCC staff and, if necessary, city officials to resolve issues in cases not specifically covered by this agreement.

General Responsibilities & Guidelines

1. The User Group agrees to provide and maintain a wholesome program (as defined/ interpreted by BCC) with open membership to all potential and qualifying applicants.
2. The User Group agrees that its programs will not serve as a platform for financial gain either personally or corporately.
3. The User Group agrees that any program marketing material utilizing BCC logo will be reviewed by BCC Director prior to its distribution.
4. The User Group agrees not to use BCC as a platform for any political action (group or individual) in the promotion of a specific political, policy or legislative agenda.
5. BCC, or their designee(s), may hold periodic meetings, attended by authorized representatives of every User Group.  This is a forum to discuss common issues, coordinate schedules, and otherwise engage in useful communication with the church and other User Groups.  The User Group understands it is their responsibility and obligation to send an authorized representative to attend these meetings.
6. The User Group is empowered, within legal limits, by BCC to control the behavior of the participants during meetings and activities under which they have   responsibility to the same extent the church is so empowered.
7. Prior to the beginning of their first meeting, the User Group must insure that:
 a) A designated contact person is responsible for the User Group;
 b) All individuals working with children or youth under the age of 18 have passed a criminal background check within the past 60 months;
 c) At least 2 persons (not in the same immediate family) will be present in all rooms where children and youth under the age of 18 are participating;
 d) Any documentation not listed but deemed necessary by BCC Director will be provided upon request.
8. Use of all facilities, restrooms, coffee areas, etc., must be shared by User Groups.  User Group food is not allowed to be stored overnight in refrigerators and  will be discarded after their event.  The User Group will be responsible for clean up or applicable clean up fees may apply.
9. Decorating plans must be approved in advance of events.  No nails, stick pins, masking tape, or staples may be used for decorating.
10. No changes to the facility structure area are allowed nor rearrangement of furnishings other than tables and chairs for meetings.  At the conclusion of the   activity, the User Group is responsible for returning all tables, chairs and equipment to their original location or additional user fees may apply.  
11. No “open flames” are allowed.  Candles, helium, chemicals and other flammable materials may be used only with advanced permission.  Candles, if ap   proved, may only be used with glass globes with enclosed bottoms.
12. No equipment may be removed from the building without expressed written permission by BCC.
13. The User Group will not have access to any storage space provided by BCC. 
14. The User Group is responsible for set up and take down of their equipment and furnishings unless other agreements have been reached or applicable setup fees may apply.
15. No User Group may use Bridge audio and/or visual systems without prior arrangement.  If AV is needed, a user fee will apply.
16. The User Group agrees to facility usage only during assigned date and times.
17. BCC may charge minimal deposit fees during agreed upon time frame.  BCC maintains the option to charge the User Group for costs incurred due to misuse of the facility, extra personnel, for reimbursement of outside expenses, and BCC provided consumables used by the User Group.  If applicable, all fees are payable in advance of program commencement.
18. BCC maintains the option to interrupt the normal meeting schedule of the User Group in the case of unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, and will    make every effort to notify the designated contact person in such a case.
19. BCC agrees to authorize the User Group to use the facility on a non-exclusive basis.
20. BCC maintains no liability for equipment or supplies belonging to the User Group.

Facility Fees

1. To secure a room reservation a $25 deposit is required.

2. For profit businesses:
a) Game Room - $100/$180 (half/day full day) – payment received at least 48 hours prior
b) Single Classroom - $25/$45 (half day/full day) – payment received at least 24 hours prior
c) Double Classroom - $50/$90 (half day/full day) – payment received at least 24 hours prior
d) Gym - $500 (whole day) – payment received at least 1 week prior

3. Non-profit/civic/personal groups:
a) Game Room - $50/$90 (half/day full day) – payment received at least 48 hours prior
b) Double Classroom - $25/$45 (half day/full day) – payment received at least 24 hours prior
c) Gym - $250 (whole day) – payment received at least 1 week prior
d) Lobby - $50 – payment received at least 48 hours prior

4. Cancellation Policy:
a) Full Refund with more than 24 hours notice
b) 50% Refund with less than 24 hours notice
c) Deposits and room fees will be forfeited for No-Shows

Members of First Baptist Church Peachtree City receive a 25% discount on facility fees.

Participant Rules

1. Children not having entered the 6th grade must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.  For the purposes of these policies, “responsible adults” are individuals who are at least 18 years of age.
2. All entrances and exits will be made through the front doors as all other exit doors are for emergency use only. 
3. There will be no loitering outside of BCC or in automobiles.
4. All who participate in any activity at BCC do so at their own risk.
5. BCC is a no smoking facility.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere on BCC property.
6. Appropriate language must be used at all times. No profanity is allowed!
7. Athletic events in the gym require that athletic shoes and appropriate gym attire be worn at all times.
8. BCC and its Staff are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
9. No horseplay in or around BCC is allowed. 
10. Shirts and shoes, along with modest, appropriate apparel must be worn at all times. (No bare midriffs, low-cut tops, short shorts, or gang-related clothing will be allowed, shorts and pants must be worn at the waist, and all underwear must be covered.) 
11. Television channels may be changed only by a staff member of BCC. 
12. The following items are NOT ALLOWED on the property of BCC.
 a) Gambling in any form;
 b) Tobacco in any form;
 c) Anything considered a weapon;
 d) Any alcoholic beverage, controlled substances or drugs;
 e) Outside equipment for use in BCC (unless approved by BCC Director);
 f) Personal items such as boom boxes, basketballs, electrical devices (with the exception of cell phones and IPods), etc.; 
 g) Fireworks of any kind;
 h) Pets

Special Note:

Organizations or individuals whose actitivities and/or mission are in conflict with the mission and doctrinal beliefs of First Baptist Church will not be allowed to reserve space for or hold events/activities at the Bridge Community Center.

Any situation not specifically covered in this list of rules will be acted upon when the need arises at the discretion of BCC Director.

Facility Usage Agreement